Greeting from me ^^v

Hey guys ^^

My name is Ade Sukma Arum, I'm 19, I'm a crazy boyish girl, I'm an unpredictable and moody person, crazy in love bout JAPAN.. one day, I hope I can go there, go to Shibuya (fashion center of Japan), Kyoto (center of culture), Akihabara (center of Otaku), Tokyo Dome (wanna see HSJ concert haha), Tokyo Tower (wanna jump from the highest place in Tokyo hahaha *get whacked*), Koto ( I dunno why I wanna go there =_=!!), Chiba ( Hey.. that's the place where Dai-chan was born ^^), Fujiyama, Okinawa (the hottest place in Japan), Hokkaido (the coldest place in Japan), Osaka (wanna see the palace), JE shop in Tokyo, Johnny's Jimusho, and soooooooo many place there..

why did I love Japan??

That's bcoz of my senpai who got scholarship to Japan came to my Junior High School when I was in the 2nd grade told me and all of my friends bout Japan and it was inspired me..

What are my fav. food and drink??

I do love any food but I can't eat longbean and anything which's cooked by adding coconut milk...I dunno why, I just can't swollen it and coconut milk hurt my stomach so much.. I do love spicy food but.. why did they increase the price of chili??
I love any drinks and beverages except alcoholic ones.. what I love the most is Strawberry Juice and I love all of Ice Creams in the world

bout my family..
I am the only daughter in my family (but I'm so boyish and my mom told me as if she just had sons in this family hahahaha)
I have an annoying older brother and a very naughty younger brother
my Dad's working as a lecturer, my mom's a housewife, my elder brother's a nurse, I and my brother are student..

my motto..
owh..errr.. so many..like..
nothing is impossible..
do what u want as long as u'll not give disadvantage to other people..
just be urself
or... be a good girl as long as people act good to u, ignore them if they ignore u, break them into pieces when they hurt u
hahaha such an evil girl but that is me.. just me..

bout me
I was born on December 19th, 1991 in Kedaton, Bandar Lampung
my height is just about 160 cm and my weight..errr..should I tell yah??? >////< okay no secret.. last week is 51 kgs, since 2 days ago is 49 kgs, and hope it will be less than before hahahahaha *thrown by bomb*
my fav. boyband is Hey Say JUMP!!! my fav, bands are FT Island, orange range, asian kungfu generation, last alliance, JUNED, akeboshi, pigstar, simple plan. MCR, paramore, and... I can't remember anymore..
my hobbies are, drawing, net surfing, making fanfic, listening music or any sound which I like, sleeping, reading comic on line, chatting, getting new friend..
I love to learn any language.. I do like it coz every language just so unique..
I'm a Javanese but no body believe me once they look at my face =_=!!
I can't believe another people easily coz of something which happen in my past.. once they lie to me, I'll never believe that person anymore..

Things that I'll never understand..
Math, Chemistry, Physics and any other lessons which should be solved by counting... since I was in Senior High School.. I dunno I just don't like it except counting the real money in my hand hahahaha
Love.. I dunno why I can't understand bout love... I'll never understand till someone tell me bout it.. when someone have told me bout it.. I'll just think ,"really?? well, I don't wanna be the one who have a bighead here.. nobody can guarantee what someone feel to me except that person itself...
yeah... that's Love... confusing and sometimes irritating right??

I think that's all
Douzo Yoroshiku onegaishimasu ^^v